Evergreen Tips – How to Create a Blog Home Page

By | November 6, 2017

Your blog’s landing page is a fundamental piece of your blog’s prosperity.The home page (also called a landing page) is in essence the welcome page for your blog. It should include all the information and tools a reader needs to be drawn in and feel compelled to stay. A confusing or incomplete home page can have a negative effect and drive readers away from your blog.Take the time to create home page that’s easy to navigate and understand by following these steps.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: Variable

Here’s How:

  1. Consider the picture you need your blog to depict.                                                                                  Before you can start a blog, it’s essential to recognize the picture and message you need to pass on to readers. Much the same as a business characterizes the picture and message for another brand or item it takes off, you should do likewise for your blog. Do you need your blog to be family-situated or focused to grown-ups? Do you need your blog to be fun or business-situated? How would you need your readers to feel when they visit your blog? These are simply the sorts of inquiries you can request that yourself help decide the general picture you need your blog to depict in the blogosphere.
  2. Make a blog outline that reflects your blog’s picture.                                                                                 Once you’ve characterized the image you need your blog to depict, you have to make a blog design that reliably conveys that image. From your text style decisions to your shading decisions, ensure every component of your blog’s general design is reliable with your blog’s image. For instance, a money related blog’s image would confound in readers’ psyches if the blog design included charming clipart, expand textual styles and sparkle impacts. On the other hand, a child blog’s image would confound if the blog design incorporated a considerable measure of dark where readers would hope to see pastels.
  3. Add elements to enhance your users’ experiences.                                                                                          A blog’s home page should include those elements that are most useful to your readers. When you select the elements to include on your home page, prioritize the items your readers would expect to see. You can always modify your home page later, but here is a list of some of the most important elements that every blog’s home page should include:
    • Posts
    • Link to an about page
    • Link to a contact page or contact information
    • Categories
    • Sidebar
    • Subscription options
    • Social media icons

    As your blog grows, you can add elements such as archives, recent and popular post lists, ads, and more.

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