Evergreen Tips to Improve Your Blog

By | April 11, 2017

1. Write About What YOU Know Well

As a matter of fact, you should as of now have done this, when you have picked the point for your blog.

Expound on things you have aced: the sense is that the contention ought to harmonize with one of your interests.


2. Write More Than Quality Content

This is dependably the best tip to take after: notwithstanding expounding on things you know, compose presents truly helpful on guests.

Be unique: don’t duplicate substance from different locales.

3. Follow the High Experts in YOUR Niche

Visit the web journals of renowned and mainstream specialists in your specialty. Discover what subjects are hot and which are out of date (you can utilize likewise Google Trends to discover what is inclining at this moment in the web).

Leave productive remarks, with backlinks to your best posts.

Build friendships in your niche.

Make certain to gain the best from them and attempt additionally to give something.

4. Update YOUR Blog Often

Make new substance frequently, or possibly attempt to compose on a booked premise, that match with your obligations.

Work or your chance potential outcomes.

Compose no less than two or three posts per week (or progressively in the event that you can). In any case, attempt just to be predictable.

Make posts with records: individuals like helpful articles like “10 Free Tools to Boost Your Blog Power” or “6 Ways to Make More Money Online”.

5. Insert Images in YOUR Posts

Including pictures in a post makes a more viable correspondence of your message.

I generally incorporate at least one pictures in my articles, contingent upon to what extent they are.

Make sure to upgrade pictures with SEO procedures: utilize your catchphrases in the depiction, and deal with the alt content or labels.

Make sure to pick significant pictures, that match the substance.

Notwithstanding your posts, the upgraded pictures can position itself in scans for pictures and turn into a roundabout wellspring of activity.

6. Choose a Simple Site Layout

The more straightforward, the better.

Your blog ought to have a pleasant design and usable for guests. Consequently, no perplexing plan or designs confounding.

Pick a design straightforward and clear.

Here I list likewise three things that you should AVOID:

– any superfluous or extreme utilization of coding on a page;

– any utilization of JavaScript’s in the substance range;

– any use of flash objects on your site.

7. Hold Down the Weight of the Pages

Watch the heaviness of your pages : additionally Google judges the estimation of your site, tallying transfer time.

The stacking time of your blog ought to be sufficiently quick, in an approach to not exhaust your guests (you can attempt this Free device from Google, to look at this and get bits of knowledge on the most proficient method to enhance your webpage).

Consider that 1 second stacking time is very quick, 3 is typical and more than 6-7 seconds is considered to a great degree moderate!

You can take after some simple tips, as resize the pictures previously distributing them in your post and introduce the WordPress module WP Super Cache.

8. Reply to Comments on YOUR Blog

Interact with visitors of your blog: respond to their comments.

Increase the engagement with your readers, build an online community.

Use the ReplyMe feature, included in the “Premium CommentLuv” Plugin : it sends an email to author automatically while someone reply to his comment.

You should then answer to all “smart comments”, in order to enhance conversation.

Even better, you may add sometimes a question to your readers: you should be surprised of the nice help you may receive!


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